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The Small Arms Pistol Academy Experience

Small Arms Pistol Academy LLC: Backed by the Second Amendment; education of firearm safety is our top proprity. Proper training, with an emphasis on preparedness & instruction that promotes responsible gun ownership is the backbone of this veteran owned company. 

If you have questions do NOT hesitate to shoot me a txt or call 716-397-5769! You could always email michael.d.hanselman@gmail.com as well but generally not as fast on email response time. 


Michael D. Hanselman

USAF veteran. Husband. Father. Patriot. Proud American. After my military service, I studied Human Anatamy and Physiology to help people learn how to manipulate their body so they could become a better shooter by understanding what's happening internally. I've been teaching Chautauqua County and surrounding areas how to assertain thier pistol permit and how to become a responsible Carry Concealed Pistol Holder for over 10 years now.